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The human nose is capable of perceiving, and distinguishing between, several thousand aromas. They are stored in the part of the brain responsible for memory and feeling.

Just as an individual, specific fragrances take the charge of impregnating your communications, and therefore position your message directly in person's limbic system.

In a detailed analysis meeting at your business premises, we will develop the briefing according to your individual objectives.
During a novel, multi-stage decision-making and scent experience phase, we’ll move forward together from the base note to the finished composition.


We offer a unique, tailor-made/ customized scent solution for your business.

A "corporate scent" adds an emotional branding to your corporate image, product image or presentation. It can put customers in the mood to make a purchase at your point of sale, or create a pleasant working environment. It builds emotional bridges between the product and your customers and staff.


A fascinating addition to your usual communication channels.


A sensuous reinforcement of your message.


The creation of scent is highly individual.  Just as individual is the charge to impregnate your communications with specific fragrances, and therefore position your message directly in person's limbic systems.