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ASCENT offers a solution for scenting a room by using a process of air treatment with a fully innovative procedure: Cold Process – the art of scenting a room without causing any side effects for the people in the room such as headaches, pressure sensations or sickness.


The scent is not heated or sprayed in the room as in standard procedures but, instead, spreads throughout the room by means of an innovative, computer-controlled ventilation system with specially developed scent pads.
This aromatises and simultaneously removes any dust from the air – any dirt or fine dust particles in motion are filtered out. With this system, our perception of scent remains completely natural and the method causes absolutely no side effects.


The device creates a wave-like effect whilst scenting the room, which does not result in any sense of pressure in the nose or temples of anyone in the room. The wave effect is created by interchanging the perfuming and rest phases which also ensures that there is fresh air and that the scent experience is always consciously perceived.


The effect is noticeable within seconds.

World first – MULTI-SCENT


As a further addition, it is also possible to store more than one scent pad in the device. This allows, for the first time, the use of several different scents via controlling (without changing the scent pad).