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Yogesh-Parfum-16MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE!

A corporate scent concept for your brand

Fragrances awake feelings that invoke emotions and relax our bodies. We rejuvenate our strength and consciously save these moments in our limbic system. An olfactory impression can be remembered much more easily than a visual or aural one. Our noses save scents for the rest of our lives. We associate scents with memories of places, events, experiences and so on.

The chance to impregnate your communication

Your goal

To represent and communicate an idea, a dream, a philosophy, a message, a world.


Our offer

A “corporate scent" adds an emotional branding to your corporate image, product image or presentation. It can put customers in the mood to make a purchase at your point of sale, or create a pleasant working environment. It builds emotional bridges between product and customers as well as staff. Every one of our scent concepts is unique and specially created for each customer.


In a comprehensive analysis meeting at your business premises, we will develop the briefing according to your individual objectives.

Gradually from a path-breaking, innovative multi-stage decision making process to the ultimate/endmost scent experience phase, we'll move forward together from the base note to the finished composition. Just after a span of six weeks, an exclusive scent logo will be complementing the image of your business.


The Ayurveda Fragrance Terminology method is completely unique.

It enables millennia-old Ayurvedic principles to be coupled with the latest findings in scent research.


This fundamentally distinguishes our offer from any other products in the area of scent marketing.