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Scent concept for the Dubai Opera Ball 2006
Scent concept “Feel the Difference” for the Ford Motor Company
Scent creation “Magic Flute” for the opera “Magic Flute”, Riverside Church Theatre, New York.
Scent creation “Jerusalem” for the Theatre of Eternal Values production "William Blake´s Divine Humanity" in London
Scent concept “Luxury” for Hirsch Armbänder GmbH, Austria
Scent concept “Balance” for Fa. Pedross, Italy
Product presentation for Procter & Gamble, Munich and Hamburg.
Scent concept event “Das Geheimnis der Rose” for Bank Austria
Roadshow “Salon der Verschwiegenheit” for Bank Austria
Scent concept “Relax” for Aucotec Technodat, Austria, Germany
Panel of experts at Branchentalk Marketing 5 senses, Hofburg Vienna
Scent bar for Marketing 5 senses, Hofburg Vienna

Scent concept & presentation "Anger Machining" Chicago



Scent concert for Landesgartenschau Tulln, Austria
Scent concert at Schloss Stuppach
Scent theatre at ORF (Radio Kulturhaus, Vienna)
Scent seminar at the Siemens Forum Vienna
Scent bar design for Wirtschaftskammer Austria, Vienna, Light and Scent lecture
Scent bar design for “Dancer against Cancer” in the Austria Center, Vienna
Exclusive incentive seminars for Management and Key-Accounts.
Scent concept “Coming Home” for an international hotel chain
Presentation by Austrian Fashion Day January 09, Rathaus
Scent party in Vienna, Juni 09 , Chillout Lounge

Theatre of eternal values


Projekt SeneCura


the care of sick people there may occasionally be unpleasant odours, which are not particularly agreeable for the carers or the patient and their relatives. To ensure a better climate in the caring profession, I developed and successfully realised a scent concept in 2009 for SeneCura Grafenwörth. This concept is now applied in 28 SeneCura houses all over Austria.