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Perfumes for unique individuals

yogesh has been working on individual scent compositions for 23 years. No two perfumes are the same, each one being unique. Perfumes should not only be scents; but an expression of the complex personality and well-being,that is the perfume's character.

About your individual perfume

Personal consultation:

For this once in a lifetime experience you need only bring an often worn shawl or a shirt.

From the personal scent obtained and the course of a personal analysis consultation, your individual scent type is established, and yogesh can discern your base notes.
Exquisite, natural essences from the Ayurveda are applied as base notes for the compositions.


Inspiration session:

A smell test with the base notes.
Experience the properties of the base notes and their effect on your emotions.


Sample session:

Such is the secret of Yogesh and his art, by only using the superior quality of natural ayurvedic elements as the basic notes combined with your natural chemistry he creates by alchemy a new scent! One which releases itself much slower than the common perfume and envelopes you in your own special signature scent.

After a week, you will receive 4 different composition samples to test on your neck and wrist. The scent penetrates the skin and mingles with the wearer's body moisture.


Try it:

How does the perfume smell?
How does the perfume develop with your body scent?
Does the perfume make you feel good?
Do you identify with your new perfume?

Yes -

After only one week you will be surrounded in your very own signature scent by yogesh.