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yogesh numbers


Ayurveda Fragrance Terminology

Made with the same care as the individual perfume compositions by yogesh, however not made to measure to the wearer, but with an overall effect of the base notes.


yogesh noble


die limitierte Edelduftserie

personality needs no name


30ml - gildet with 23,6 Carat gold leaf
Basisnotes: natural essences
Heartnotes: eatable fragrances


Rose ◊ Saffran ◊ Mandel
Vanille ◊ Ananas
Vetiver ◊ Moschus ◊ Brandy
Frankincense ◊ Amber ◊ Cinnamon

yogesh series


1. yogesh series ( 30ml eau de parfum )

jazz - Frankincense, Vanille
red - Rose, Jasmin
basil - Basil

2. yogesh basics

Well tried and well loved fragrances. Clear and simple. The perfumes of the basic series are not mixtures, but pure fragrance such as Sandle-Wood, Jasmin, Amber, Vetiver, Rose and many others.

3. yogesh zero

Vastukalaa is the philosophy of fragrances in space. Change the smell of you living and work rooms, change your life.

yogesh room


We design customised scent concepts, which are especially appropriate for your space.

Scents are also messengers, which we use in a room to create the ideal ambience with emotional communication.

The art of scent and scenting is, to a considerable degree, highly individual.

Equally individual are our (and your) possibilities.

For example:

Relax, Good morning, Fresh, Luxury, Intelligence or even an entire district (1080 Vienna), Coca cola, Choco are some examples. Any other szenario of your desired mood could be created by the fragrances.

Neutralisation through molecule changes:

We don’t only cover unpleasant odours with a stronger scent, but through the process of micro-encapsulation we change the already existing molecules so that only pleasant scents fill the room.

The scent molecule is hereby structured as small as an air molecule, so that the scent does not fall to the floor after only a few seconds, but instead it is, carried through the whole room by the air which ensures a long lasting effect.