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Fragrance Event

The idea behind

A fragrance event creates various moods in a space through a diversity of fragrances. The Ayurvedic principle of scents, Ayurveda Fragrance Terminology, leads the visitor into a subtle self-sensuality, into complete relaxation and through a meditative journey into one’s own emotional world. Smell is closely connected with our memories, emotions and personality. Our nose stores experiences for a lifetime in the limbic area!

A unique idea

by Austria’s only bespoke perfumer, Yogesh Kumar

” I think that the fragrance is as important factor for the image of an event as the visual design and the course of an event. In order to reach the positive reviews and the memories, a lot of efforts are invested in different ideas, like presentation, technology, photographers and media… 

An event fragrance could also be an enhancement alongwith to create an ambient and to store the unique experience for the life time in the subconscious of the guests.

Every concept is conceivable and adaptable according to the cost frame. 
For example, one can scent the invitations, Giveaways or limousine to pick up the guests.”