Das Parfum

Photos: courtesy of LEXUS AUSTRIA & diefotografin.at


Individual Consultation

To create your customised fragrance, I will need your body scent measurement. 
This is achieved by smelling the back of your neck, or – if you prefer –  a scarf or other favourite article of clothing. Based on the scent within it and through an in-depth consultation, your scent type will be determined. Selected, natural essences from Ayurveda are used as base notes for all compositions. 

The day of your scheduled appointment you will bring a scarf or other favourite piece of clothing (unwashed please).
Based on both its’ innate smell and our conversation, your scent type will be determined.


Inspiration Round

A smell test with selected natural essences from Ayurveda which will be used as base notes for your compositions. 

You will experience the properties of the base notes and the effect they have on your emotional well-being. 

The Trial Round 

After two weeks you will get four (4) different composition tester vials. 

They are to be tested on your neck and pulse. The fragrance will penetrate under your skin and create a unique nuance with your body’s moisture. 

The Experience 

  • How does the perfume smell? 
  • How does the perfume evolve with your body odour? 
  • Are you comfortable with it? 
  • Do you identify with your new Perfume?

If Yes –

After just one week, your very own personal fragrance of Yogesh surrounds you. Price on Request / Appointment