Your fragrance wafts through the universe only once...

Custom fragrances
for people and brands

natural essences from Ayurveda are used as base notes for all compositions

Perfume for the unique individual

Fragrance experiences
are unique experiences

Natural essences

Das Parfum

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Perfume art
created at the highest Level

 Yogesh Kumar composes fragrances using the scent of each individual as his starting point. He personally creates an utterly unique and integrated perfume for each client.

Yogesh Kumar is a talented fragrance master who – through innate talents and 40 years of experience – can immediately recognise which of the five elements and which essences are needed to balance to create a holistic perfume which both accentuates the strengths and neutralises the weaknesses of the wearer.

My offer to you

Customized Perfume

Selected, natural Essences from Ayurveda are used as Base Notes

Corporate Fragrance

A fragrance which contributes to a positive sensory perception of your company/corporation.

Fragrance Events

A unique Event from the only bespoke Parfümer in Austria - Yogesh Kumar.

Perfume series

Customer Reviews

"Yogesh created a perfume for me that I had been searching for for years!"
F. Gross
Marketing Manager
"These perfumes are unique and special. You won't find them a second time."
M. Wenzl
"A journey through time to yourself. Fragrances activate the senses and bring out one's self. Thank you for this very very nice experience."
"Feel smells.  Smell feelings. Taste thoughts. Think of warmth, Let me fall, Dive into the original world..."
U. Braüer
"Blessed be your nose, which perceives in the smell of my body the fragrance of the soul."
V. Neubauer
The search for perfection
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