Das Parfum

/ Archetýp /

Noun, masculine [the]. 

12 Compositions


Archetype: the Original or Ideal Form of Being

“The Platonic »ideas« are [the] archetypes of being.”


One of the inherited, primordial images in the collective unconscious, which are forms of [pre-]human basic experiences and together represent the genetic basis of the personality structure (according to C. G. Jung).


The Archetype Fragrance Experiment enables a simple way to discover the mystical combination of our lives and inner selves. 

Stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself while smelling the fragrances on your skin.  Experience what touches or even caresses you, how you feel, and how your body language changes. 

Child | Young Wild | Virgin
Peaceful | Nobility | Artist
Genius | Oldwise | Mentor
Queen | King | Complete