Das Parfum

Photos: courtesy of LEXUS AUSTRIA & diefotografin.at


Frangrance Design “for Art’s Sake!” Contemporary Art Show @ Belvedere, Vienna. The next ENTERprise, silent conquest, 2015
Fragrance concept of the Dubai Opera Ball 2006
Fragrance concept “Feel the Difference” for Ford Motor Company, Austria
Fragrance creation “Magic Flute” for the opera “The Magic Flute”, Riverside Church Theatre, New York
Fragrance creation “Jerusalem” for Theatre of Eternal Values Production “William Blake’s Divine Humanity”, London
Fragrance concept “Luxury” for Hirsch Armbänder GmbH, Austria
Fragrance concept “Balance” for Pedross, Italy
Product presentations for Procter & Gamble Munich and Hamburg
Fragrance concept event “The Secret of the Rose” for Bank Austria
Roadshow concept “Salon of Secrecy” for Bank Austria
Fragrance concept “Relax” for Aucotec Technodat, Austria, Germany
Expert panel at Branchentalk Marketing with 5 Senses, Hofburg Vienna
Fragrant at Branchentalk Marketing with 5 senses, Hofburg Vienna
Fragrance project ”Everything is a Matter of Fragrance” for SeneCura Austria
Essence of the Brand ”Austria Advertising”
Fragrance concept & Presentation ”Anger Machining” Chicago


Fragrance concert: for “Landesgartenschau Tulln” –  Lower Austria
Fragrance concerts: for Stuppach Castle –  Lower Austria
Fragrance Theater ORF –  Radio Kulturhaus Vienna
Fragrance seminar –  Siemens Forum Vienna
Fragrance bar design: for Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Fragrance bar design: for “Dancer against Cancer” –  Austria Center Vienna
Various exclusive incentive seminars for management and key-accounts.
Presentation at the Austrian Fashion Day, – January 09, 2021 –  City Hall
Fragrance party: June 09, 2021 – Vienna “Chillout Lounge”

Theatre of eternal values
Studio 44


The Art of the Senses

A Project with the Painter, Lyricist and Musician Marc Andeya-Trefny.

Fragrance Concept


When caring for the ill, unpleasant odors arise, disturbing both for caregivers, as well as for patients and their loved-ones. In order to provide an improved atmosphere in the Care Sector, we developed and successfully implemented a Fragrance Concept for the group “Sene Cura“- in Austria, 2009.

Neutralization through

Molecular modification

Through the process of micro-encapsulation, we do not mask the unpleasant odours with a stronger fragrance, we transform the existing molecules enabling only the more pleasingt odours to fill the spaces.

The fragrance molecule is structured as minuscule as an air molecule. Thus fragrance does not fall to the floor after some seconds but is actually carried by the air to fill the entire room. This promotes a long-lasting solution.