Das Parfum

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Unique Fragrance Concepts for your Company 

Fragrances are already used by many Companies as an olfactory logo.  They act as a fragrant perfume as well as contributing to the emotional message of your corporate image (CI), your product image, and your presentation. 


Smelling opens a new dimension and creates expanded space for the senses. 

Our brains are able to remember olfactory impressions far better than those which are visual or auditory. Our nose has an amazing ability to store smells for a lifetime and fragrance has the power to recall memories of places, people, events, and experiences. 


Fragrances awaken feelings that activate our emotions and relax our body. We regenerate our strength and consciously store these moments in the limbic area. 

The “Sense of Smell” is the only one of the five senses that is directly connected to the brain. The human nose is able to perceive and distinguish between more than 10,000 Aromas. These are stored directly in the part of the brain that is responsible for memories and feelings. 

The sensual Deepening of your Communication

Your Goal

To present and communicate an idea, a dream, a philosophy, a message, an image, a world.

Our Offer

We offer unique, customised fragrance solutions for your business. A powerful addition to your usual communication strategy. As a sensual deepening of your message, complete your company presentation with an extraordinary fragrance logo and an exclusive fragrance concept.. 

Your Corporate Fragrance

Represents your image (CI)
Conveys your message
Supports your corporate philosophy
Appeals to your target audience
Promotes sales
Motivates your employees
Creates a pleasing ambience 

Eau de success

We begin with a consultation at your company to learn about your corporate philosophy, objectives, design and brand management.

Following a unique analysis and multi-level fragrance experience phase, we will bring together subtle base notes which build upon each other to a finished composition.

After approximately six weeks, an exclusive fragrance logo complements your corporate image.